Thursday, June 09, 2005

Man 1 -- Justice 0

OK-- so the city of San Francisco must be monitoring my blog. After the last post my motorcycle was impounded. Not one bit of fun... 40 days later I take out a new credit card and ka-ching! 1100 in parking tickets, 210 to re-register, 194 police prossessing fee, 900 towing and storage and a 10 dollar fix-it tickets prossessing fee. Needless to say, my self built debt-hole doubled it's depth in on single week.
Good news is I have Bluey / Blackey back -- hoorah!

So last week the cats had fleas, BAD. I bought them some Frontline and bombed the appartment. I think I got the little bastards, lets just hope nature hasn't given them an immunity.

Aside from that everything is good and normal as usual, the public is in the process of being sold and the transaction will finish beginning of July meaning; most of the staff is going to move on, including myself. It's only one day a week for me but I'll definitly miss it.

Things at Minna are up and down as usual. The gallery is tight on cash so shifts are getting cut and the such. Everyone is scrambling to find work. Well, that's a little bit of an exagerated statement but everyone is feeling the stress.

My appartment really feels like home now with some recent changes. Now if only I could clean the clutter out of my storage spaces.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Viva la Revolution!

So yesterday was a fun day at the ol' gallery... I got in at 3.45 had a coffee talked to Steen and Eiming for a little bit, found out that Hyper wasn't coming in until seven and that a few bands were coming in to set up. Steen leaves at 4.15 and the first band shows up at 5. I start helping them setup and well... lets just say that there were three bands with big setups, small minds and stinky as fuck. STRESS factor escalated to 300% for the first two hours of work. To top it all of, I got two tickets yesterday while parked 1) truck zone (which was completely bogus) 2) expired tags (which is true). SO not cool. Point being, everyone in SF revolt!! Don't pay your parking tickets or your registration! Show them that we aren't going to stand for these bogus charges just so they can make a ton of money and do work that should take two months, over the course of fours years on mission street.

NO MORE DPT righteous bigots!

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Republic of Booze

So after attempting to fall asleep at 8.45, I realized it wasn't happening.

I preceded to watch the Empire Strikes Back, Ed Wood and The Fifth Element, accompanied with a pack and a half of cigarettes, three mimosas, three glasses of sake, the remainder of my bottle of dry sherry and a hefeweizen I still haven't achieved that hopeful state of sleepiness.

Time to figure out another movie and move on to port maybe.


You know that feeling of butterflies in your stomach along with being choked up and kinda teary?
Well for some wacky reason that was my feeling / mood all day.
Maybe it was the drizzle and grey weather but then again -- that's my favorite kind of weather.
I don't know, strange feeling day I'm sure I'll feel better in the morning.
Strange, it's only 8.22 pm but for the passed hour or two I've been wishing it were midnight or one so I could go to bed.
Gallery day tomorrow...
I've been in a mood of laziness lately; dreading the moment I have to go to work. In the past I've enjoyed being at work, no idea what the deal is.
Also I've had two anxiety attacks within the passed weekend. I have no idea why but I haven't had anxiety in about a year and a half.
Perhaps my existentialist crisis is returning.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Nearing Three Months

So it's been nearly three months since I've blogged... I apologize. It's been crazy busy.

So last time I'd done this I was in Ireland in a little internet cafe. The whole Ireland trip was amazing. we spent about a week in Dublin and Newbridge and then spent a week driving around Ireland. Jackie and I rented a car and drove a collective 800 miles. We started in Dublin then headed out to Galway City then up through Connemara to Westport then down to Limerick then Cork back up through Killkeney. Galway was a beautiful city; small, intersected by rivers, old.
The drive up through Connemara was one of the most amazing treks I've ever experienced. The ground is orange all throughout and with all the fog, everything seems to have a rust color to it, it's like looking at the world through a sepia filter. The roads are unbelievably narrow, walls on both sides. All of a sudden you see a truck heading your way and it looks like it's as far over as possible and it's still half in your lane... All you can do is close your eyes and hope. It works, I swears it!
Not one ding on the rental car.
Jackie's family was amazing, all of them are such beautiful people. Hm... we need to send her aunt a letter.

Anyway, once back in the states, broke and credit cards maxed life returned to it's usual place.
well, two days after our return from Ireland the kids from LA came up to visit for my birthday. It was good to see them.

Christmas came and went, the family joined us in SF for a wonderful celebration / get-together.
Soon after new years rolled around. Great night to party, even better night to work at a bar. The public was busy, crazy, fun and I walked out with 500 cash, not a bad night. After closing up the restaurant I headed over to the Paradise Lounge to meet up with Jackie and the kids. We were there for about an hour and then headed home in an Airporter... Wooha!

The day after new years was a blast, we stayed in and did absolutely nothing. Dan and I had a bonding experience by watching 12 straight hours of Carnevale. Now we're hooked.

January hasn't brought much for me to blog about, it's been the same old routine. Nothing new and exciting.
Well, that's not accurate. Nothing new but still exciting things. My relationship just keeps getting better and better with every day. I don't think I've ever been this happy with anyone. I feel lucky.

Aside from that everything's been the same, the weeks come and go and next thing you know it's almost february.
I've been in this city for three and a half years but the paradox of how I feel about it is confusing. I still feel like I've just arrived but conversely, I feel so at home. I've met great people and have explored the city as much as possible.
If I decide to settle in the US, this will be the city.

Ireland Photos

Friday, November 26, 2004

greetings from Ireland

Ok, so I'm still in Ireland and have made a quick stop at an internet cafe to check my remaining funds and say howdy to everyone. The trip has been amazing thus far and I've taken waaaaay too many pictures.
Miss Jacqueline von Treskow and myself are getting along very well.
We've rented a car and been driving around the country. I miss home but I not so much. If I had the backing I'd stay here six months if not forever.
I have to admit, I am rather anxious to get back... Watching my bank account and credit lines dwindle close to the red line has given me a certain want to return home and work.

When I arrive back in the states I'll post again, pictures and all.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Long Awaited Update

So finally I'm updating. I've been rather busy and sick in between so it's been quite a while since I've posted.
Here we go...

So, I leave for Ireland in approx. 12.5 hrs. I am so excited about this trip, it's going to be amazing. Beautiful country side, intriguing culture, great company and meeting many interesting people. Not to mention the barrels of whiskey I'm sure will be consumed. I finished packing and now am trying to fight off the excited insomnia and considering hitting the hay.

About two weeks ago I got sick -- bad. I had an upper respiratory infection, not a lot of fun. I had crazy fever fits, coughed up blood for about four days and a collective of other bad stuffs. Finally I made it to Urgent Care at the Hospital. The doctor asked if I smoked, I answered yes. She asked how much, I answered about half a pack a day... I lied... It's about a pack and a half to two a normal day. She listened to my lungs and said they sound tip-top. She prescribed amoxiciline (sp) and four days later I felt like diamonds.

I made my first endeavor out to Walnut Creek last Monday... Interesting.

Ugh, I don't chew gum and I just found a freshly chewed piece (still gooey) on my hardwood floors... I have no idea how it got here but new rule, no gum in Alberto's apartment... grrrr.

Last week my niece was rather sick (soon after I'd gotten better) she got an inner ear infection and a throat infection. I didn't see her during my sick time so I didn't spread it to her, it was some of the kids she plays with, they'd been sick recently. Kids are bacteria's happiest fantasy, I swear. Anyway, I had to watch her while my sister prepared for the show at Studio Z. Friday I realized I was getting sick again. I started pounding vitamin C and taking homeopathic drugs. I still got sick but not as bad. I haven't smoked in three days and the sore throat is almost gone. I had a fever of 99.3F for about an hour today but it broke fairly quickly. I took some advil, more vitamin C and Tylenol Cold. I feel much better and hopefully the sickness will be mostly dead for tomorrows lengthy plane ride.

Bluey is doing well, I'm going to miss her while I'm gone... vrooom.

The potential investment I've been investigating over the passed 10 months seems to be nearing materialization. I find out in four weeks. We'll see where life takes us.

I think another reason I haven't posted is my being upset about the election results. Maybe I'll come back, tie off loose ends and then move to Ireland. We'll see.

Ok, 3.30 am, I need to try and sleep. good luck to everyone for two weeks, I'll post as soon as I return.

Monday, November 01, 2004

at home

So finally the moving is complete. I've been living in the new appartment for two weeks and it's amazing. I'm so happy I moved. there is nothing like living by yourself. I still have a lot of unpacking to do -- mainly clothes. I also need to do all the proper wiring. I need to pick up some art I left at the other house too. Soon.

I woke up this morning with a slight need for change I think 'cause I cut my hair. I just got up walked to the bathroom and did it. I'm happy that I did, I like it.

I leave for Ireland in less than 15 days i'm so excited!!

I bought three new pairs of glasses on saturday. I spent too much money but hey -- it's worth it. I can't wait to get them back from the optician.

OK, I need to run get something to eat.